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About us
I am 22 years old and my husband is 23 years old. We both hold B.S. degrees from Marshall University in the beautiful (and inexpensive) state of West Virginia. Now, we live in the very expensive Boston, MA. My husband works full time as a computer technical support specialist. I am working on a PhD in biotechnology.

We could not pass up the opportunity for me to attend a great school (for free) to get a PhD. Although it is tought financially now, it will be worth it in the long run.

My husband's new job technically pays better than his last. But, the cost of living in the northeast is a lot higher, so it feels like much less.

The History Behind Our Site
I know this seems like just another site begging for money--and it is. But, I assure you that we really need this money. We are praying that other people will empathize with our situation and realize we are working hard to retictify the problem. We are budgeting our money and paying down those debts best we can. The truth is, we just can't make any progress. We only hope that this site will reach generous individuals who want to help us get the balance low enough that we are paying off more than just the accumulating interest.

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