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Welcome to our little corner on the web!
In Dec 2002, I married the love of my life. We'd known each other since junior high school, but never thought we'd get married. Once we started dating, we just knew.
We never had much debt--until recently. We aren't those people that charge up credit cards to buy things we want. We racked up loans from school, putting school related items (books, supplies) onto credit cards, and moving expenses. See, last month, we moved from our inexpensive town in WV to the uber expensive Boston. Until now, we've been able to manage our debts. The balances on the cards and loans were going down. But, then we didn't have outrageous living expenses either. The reason we moved is so that I could go to grad school. My husband's job is as a computer tech support specialist. The rent on our 500 sq.ft. apartment is over 1/2 of our combined monthly income (including my stipend). That doesn't leave much room for utility bills, food, car insurance, and paying off our debt. We can barely make ends meet. We eat spaghetti and hot dogs several times a week, just because they are cheap. We take our lunches to work everyday, and don't eat out. We are doing everything we can....but the balances just never seem to go down. This is putting a lot of stress on our relationship and we would love nothing more that for it to become manageable. That is why we are asking for your help. We want to start out our marriage on the right foot--debt free and budget conscientious.
Do you want to help?
We would love if you could donate just $1 to our cause. If you sign-up for Paypal for free, they will give you . We would love if you would donate just $1 of that to us. If you want to donate all or more we would certainly be grateful. When you sign up, please type in my email ( as the reference.

We will consider this a wedding gift, and send personal thank you notes to everyone who is kind enough to help us!

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

What are the pictures on this page?
Above: A view of my new hometown, Boston, from the Boston Harbor

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